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More on the Icon

Divine Providence and the  Icon of Love...

Fr Jim McManus C.Ss.R., on the Icon of Love


On the 26 April 1866 a providential fountain of grace was opened for the universal Church when the miraculous Icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour was solemnly enshrined in the Redemptorist church of St. Alphonsus in Rome. Ever since then the cleansing, sanctifying and fortifying flow of grace from Our Lady’s shrine has washed over the whole Church, bringing conversion to hardened sinners, health and wholeness to the suffering and the broken hearted, inspiration and holiness to great saints like St. Therese of Lisieux and St Pope John Paul ll, and comfort and consolation to all the faithful who invoke her powerful intercession. The miraculous Icon has truly been the Icon of Love, beaming the love of God, the love of Jesus and Our Lady’s own love into the hearts that are open to receive.

The Icon of Love, this fountain of grace, came to be enshrined in the church of St. Alphonsus, not through a series of historical coincidences, but through the will of God. The first theological observation, therefore, that we must make about the miraculous Icon is that it was clearly God’s will that the Icon would be enshrined in the church of St. Alphonsus in Rome. We see God’s providence at work in each historical event and in each person who was responsible for ensuring that Our Lady’s wish, that the Icon be venerated in the church that stood between St. Mary Major and St. John Lateran,  be fulfilled

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