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Prayers by St. Alphonsus

The Madonna's Lullaby

Alphonsus1Mary sings, the ravished heavens 
Hush the music of their spheres; 
Soft her voice, her beauty fairer 
Than the glancing stars appears; 
While to Jesus, slumbering nigh, 
Thus she sings her lullaby: 

"Sleep, my Babe, my God, my Treasure, 
Gently sleep; but ah! the sight 
With its beauty so transports me, 
I am dying with delight; 
Thou canst not Thy mother see, 
Yet Thou breathest flames to me. 

"If within your lids unfolded, 
Slumbering eyes, Thou seemest so fair; 
When upon my gaze Thou doth open, 
How shall I Thy beauty bear? 
IMG 0473Ah! I tremble when Thou wakes, 
Lest my heart with love should break. 

Cheeks than sweetest roses sweeter, 
Mouth where lurks a smile Divine, 
Though the kiss my Babe should waken, 
I must press those lips to mine. 
Pardon, Dearest, if I say 
Mother's love will take no nay." 

As she ceased, the gentle Virgin
Clasped the Infant to her breast, 
And, upon His radiant forehead 
Many a loving kiss impressed. 
Jesus woke and on her face 
Fixed a look of heavenly grace. 

Ah! that look, those eyes, that beauty, 
How they pierce the Mother's heart! 
Shafts of love from every feature 
Through her gentle bosom dart. 
Heart of stone! can I behold 
Mary's love, and still be cold? 

Where, my soul, thy sense, thy reason? 
When will these delays be o'er? 
All things else, how fair so ever, 
Are but smoke: resist no more! 
Yes! 'tis done! I yield my arms 
Captive to those double charms.

If, alas, O heavenly beauty! 
Now so late those charms I learn, 
Now at least, and ever, ever 
With thy love my heart will burn, 
For the Mother and the Child, 
Rose and Lily undefiled. 

Plant and fruit, and fruit and blossom, 
I am theirs, and they are mine;
For no other prize I labor, 
For no other bliss I pine. 
Love can every pain requite, 
Love alone is full delight.

Excerpt from The Glories of Mary by St. Alphonsus Liguori


Mary is our Mother — not by the flesh, but by love. That is, she is our Mother by love alone. So someone observes that she glories in being the mother of love. She is all love for us, her adopted children.

The first reason for Mary’s great love for human beings is that she loves God so much. She loved him more in the first moment of her existence than all the saints and angels every loved him or will love him.

Just as there is not one among all the blessed who loves God as Mary does, so there is no one, after God, who loves us as much as this most loving Mother does. Furthermore, if we heaped together all the love that mothers have for their children, all the love of husbands and wives, all the love of all the angels and saints for their clients, it could never equal Mary’s love for even a single soul.

Mary, to obtain the life of grace for us … offered her beloved Jesus to an ignominious death, and watched him die before her eyes in cruel and unexampled torments.

It is written of the Eternal Father, that God so loved the world as to give his only-begotten Son (Jn 3:16), so also we can say of Mary, that she so loved the world as to give her only-begotten Son.

So with St. Anselm I will cry: “Let my heart languish and my soul melt away and be consumed with love of you, my beloved Savior Jesus and my dear Mother Mary! But because I cannot love you unless you give me grace, then give me grace, O Jesus and Mary — by your merits, not mine — to love you as you deserve to be loved. O God, lover of humankind, you loved sinful human beings to the point of death. Will you deny your love and your Mother’s to anyone who begs for it?”

— Excerpt from The Glories of Mary by St. Alphonsus Liguori



 Prayer to Our Lady by St. Alphonsus



Most holy Virgin Immaculate,
my Mother Mary,
to you who are the Mother of my Lord,
the Queen of the Universe,
the Advocate,
the hope,
the refuge of sinners,
I who am the most miserable of all sinners,
have recourse this day.
I venerate you,
great queen,
and I thank you for the many graces
you have bestowed upon me
even unto this day;




 Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Immaculate Queen and Mother, the refuge and consolation of all troubled souls! I kneel here before you with my family and choose you for my Lady, Mother, and Advocate with God.

I dedicate myself and all who belong to me to your service forever. I beg you, O Mother of God, to receive us into the company of you servants. Take us under your protection. Help us in life and at the hour of our death.

Mother of Mercy, I name you Lady and Queen of my family and relatives, my interests and all my undertakings. Take charge of them; dispose of everything as it pleases you.

Bless me and all my family. Never let any of us offend your Son. In every temptation defend us; protect us in every danger; provide for us in the necessities of life; counsel us in doubt; comfort us in every sorrow, in every sickness, and especially in the final sorrow of death.

Never let the powers of Hell boast that they have enslaved any of those who here consecrate themselves to you. Grant that we may all enter into Heaven to thank you and, in your company, to praise and love Jesus our Redeemer for all eternity. Amen. Thus, may it be.




Most Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of God, I am not worthy to be your servant. But moved by your marvellous compassion and my own desire to serve you, here and now, in the presence of my guardian angel and the whole court of Heaven, I choose you as my Lady, Advocate, and Mother.  I firmly purpose to love and serve you always, and to do all I can to inspire others to love and serve you.

O Mother of God and my own most compassionate Mother, I beseech you, by the Blood which your Son shed for me, to receive me into the number of your servants as your child and servant forever. Assist me in all my thoughts, words, and actions in every moment of my life, so that every step I take, every breath I draw, may be directed to the greater glory of my God.

Through your powerful intercession, may I never again offend my beloved Jesus. Help me to love and glorify Him in this life. Help me to love you also, dear and beloved Mother, and to go on loving you forever in the happiness of Heaven.

My Mother Mary, I commend my soul to you now, and especially at the moment of death. Amen.

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